1. In your settings file, add spreedly to INSTALLED_APPS:

  2. Add your auth token and site name as well:

    SPREEDLY_AUTH_TOKEN = 'super-secret-token'
    SPREEDLY_SITE_NAME = 'site-name'
  3. The following are in the process of being reviewed for being removal. They can also be added, they are optiona:

    # this string will be used as the url for returning users from spreedly.
    # this defaults to '/thanks/'
    SPREEDLY_RETURN_URL = '/welcome/'
    # the base subscription url (where users will be redirected when their subscriptions expire)
    # this defaults to '/subscriptions/' if you don't add a value to your settings.
    SPREEDLY_URL ='/register/'
    # if you want to restrict access to your entire site based to only users with an active subscription
    # this defaults to False
    # URL paths that a user without a subscription can vist without being redirected to the subscription list:
    # these can be single pages ('/some/page/') of full directories ('/directory')
    SPREEDLY_ALLOWED_PATHS = ['/login', '/logout']
    # This template will be used when checking to make sure the user is using a valid email
    # this default to 'confirm_email.txt' Be sure to include {{ spreedly_url }} in your template
    SPREEDLY_CONFIRM_EMAIL = 'path/to/your/template.txt'
    # This subject will be used for confirmation emails
    # this defaults to "'complete your subscription to %s' % Site.object.get(id=settings.SITE_ID).name"
    SPREEDLY_CONFIRM_EMAIL_SUBJECT = 'This is a new subject'
    # Where a user is directed after signing up.
    # this defaults to 'email_sent.html'
    SPREEDLY_EMAIL_SENT_TEMPLATE = 'path/to/your/template.html'
    # this is the email that will be sent to the user recieving the gift subscription
    # this default to 'gift_email.txt' Be sure to include {{ spreedly_url }} in your template
    SPREEDLY_GIFT_EMAIL = 'path/to/your/template.txt'
    # the subject for the gift confirm email
    # this defaults to 'gift subscription to %s' % Site.objects.get(id=settings.SITE_ID).name
    SPREEDLY_GIFT_EMAIL_SUBJECT = 'This is a new subject'
    # the base url for your site to be used when returning users from spreedly.
    # this default to Site.objects.get(id=settings.SITE_ID) from the django Site app.
  4. Add the middleware to your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES. This will be turned into a decorator in a later version:

  5. Add the following to urlpatterns in

    import spreedly.settings as spreedly_settings
    (r'^spreedly', include('spreedly.urls')),


spreedly uses :py:module:`South` to manage database migrations. So after running syncdb, you must run migrate spreedly.