views Module

class spreedly.views.EmailSent(**kwargs)[source]

A thankyou page for after registration saying an email has been sent

class spreedly.views.PlanList(**kwargs)[source]

inherits from ListView and FormMixin, hybrid list and subscription entry view. default template name is spreedly_plan_list.html, object_list name is plans cache’s plans for 24 hours

get(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Gets the form and object list and returns a rendered template

get_context_data(object_list, **kwargs)[source]

Adds form and object list plus whatever else is passed as a kwarg to the context. :param object_list: list of :py:class:`Plan`s (actually queryset)


Gets and caches the plan list for 1 day


alias of Plan

class spreedly.views.SubscribeMixin[source]

inherits from FormMixin, handles, get_success_url, form valid, invalid and post. Needs to be integerated into get context data and get_success_url

class spreedly.views.SubscriptionDetails(**kwargs)[source]

view to see subscription details. takes subscription id as an optional parameter. if it is not there return the user’s subscription if available, if not 404. if user.is_staff() - then you can see any Subscription details.


alias of Subscription

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